Monday, August 25, 2008

Fruit Cart Vendors

It was the day before the Los Angeles marathon. The streets were bustling in the garment district. Fruit cart vendors pushed their cargo around selling colorful eats.

Things happened so fast that I hardly could take it all in. A vendor and his family near me were suddenly surrounded by a group of men and women as several other men in drug their cart away. I looked around and saw the same thing happening to other vendors.

A big dump truck with lights flashing screeched to a halt and men began tossing the carts and the contents in the dumpster bin. Quicker than I could get a fresh sheet of watercolor paper out of my kit and paint the scene, the party was over.

The plain clothes officers had cleaned the streets for the high profile race, the vendors were whisked off to jail and the shoppers went on about their business while I returned to my painting.

New vendors and new carts would be back in about three days and I would be on another street corner wondering what might happen this time.

This 9"x12" original watercolor painting is for sale for $250 unframed. Contact me if you are interested in purchasing it.

Note: Saturday, I forgot to put a link on a site I was referring to until later in the morning. If you noticed the omission, oops. The link is now active.

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