Thursday, July 10, 2008

Art On the Move

Yesterday, I talked about painting while waiting in line at an airport. I asked if anyone had completed a painting while walking. I have not tried that one yet, but I did find something close to it.

Several years ago while visiting Brazil, I took a bus tour into the beautiful countryside. Prior to leaving the paved road, I had worked on a small watercolor painting. We eventually ran out of pavement. The unpaved road we turned onto was the toss-you-out-of-your-seat bumpy, so I put away my paint kit.

Several miles into the mountains, we were met by a road grader. The road was too narrow for our bus and the road grader to pass. Instead of pulling over to the side, the driver turned his big machine around and began to smooth the road for us. It improved our ride a bit, but you still wouldn't attempt to drink a cup of hot chocolate on the ride without rain gear. I couldn't pass the opportunity to paint the scene, even though my watercolors and I bounced along like bobble-head dolls.

Look for opportunities to challenge yourself and your art.

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